Installing A Pool

Concrete walk has just been removed in order to start construction. A septic tank sewer system is just in front of swing set in background.
Fourth day of construction. Notice white pipe leading out to right, an underground spring of water was hit and a pump is being used to keep water down while pool is finished. Once pool is finished and filled with water the underground pump will no longer be needed but pipe will remain under pool for pumping when pool needs to be emptied in future.
An 18'6" X 36'6" Grecian shape pool with 4' X 8' center steps is filling with water while other construction is going on. This is also fourth day of construction.
Concrete deck is finished and pool is ready for landscaping. This is eighth working day of construction after several days of rain.
An early morning picture of finished pool. A power cover by Cover Pools, Inc., diving board, hand rails for steps, and an in-wall ladder will be added after the concrete deck has had a few days to cure.